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Before - After Cabinet RefacingCabinet refacing / recrafting can be a high quality alternative to traditional cabinetry replacement. Refacing / recrafting is the craft of covering the visible surfaces of existing cabinetry such as face frames and end panels, with a thin wood veneer or laminate, and replacement of the doors, drawer fronts, appliance panels, drawer boxes, and functional hardware (drawer glides and hinges).

This process is completed with the existing cabinetry in-place. This means very quick turnaround times, less mess in the living spaces, and less disruption for the homeowner compared to traditional cabinet replacement.

More importantly, using the homeowners existing cabinetry, allows the value to be concentrated in the visible and functional components of the cabinetry, not in the structural components that remain unseen. Therefore, the quality of the visible components like cabinet doors and drawer fronts is generally higher than what would be seen in comparably priced replacement cabinets.

The finest materials, finishes, and installation techniques offer design solutions from simple to complex, traditional to contemporary, for virtually any taste, any budget. Cabinet refacing is the perfect alternative for homeowners that want a new look without all the inconvenience of a traditional kitchen or bath remodel.

Style, Quality, Convenience and Value.

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